First day nerves

O.k. so I didn’t mean it to be so long since I wrote something. I just never got around to it.

Tomorrow is a big day in our family. My daughter goes to school for the first time. I’m not sure whose more nervous, us or her. I suspect us.

To Holly it will just be like going to playschool at first. She’ll have new friends a new teacher and a new routine but most of all it will be learning through play.  I think it will  be  a lot more nerve wreaking for her parents.

What if she doesn’t like the teacher? What if she doesn’t want to learn?What bad habits might she pick up?

These are some of the many questions going through our minds right now.

There’s no question that she’s bright (how many other 4 year olds can recognise various dinosaurs) but it all depends on what mood she’s in. If she doesn’t want to do something then she won’t (I would say just like her mother but that might be risky).

I guess this is the normal anxiety of any parent but it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with.  I guess all we can do is encourage her as much as possible and see what tomorrow brings.


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