A question of leadership

I’ve always believed that politics should be about policies not personalities. Yet it seems this is a minority view not shared by many. Increasingly our elections focus on the person. This is particularly true in today’s social media driven world where an opinion about someone often bar no resemblance to the actual person. So let’s look at the two people who, relistically, have a chance to become PM tomorrow.  (more…)


Opinion: Time to end the cycle of hate

Once again Britain has been the victim of a terrorist attack. Its the second in two weeks and the third one, in the UK, this year. As usual social media is full of comments ranging from ‘we will not be overcome’ to ‘don’t blame Islam’ to ‘ban all religions now’.  To be fair some of these comments are understandable in a time when people are just trying to make sense of what is going on. But they all miss the point. (more…)

Opinion: Lowering the voting age

In recent weeks the issue of lowering the voting age has risen its head again. This must come up almost every general election. At the moment you need to be 18 to vote. The Conservatives have no plans to lower this age, Labour say they will lower it to 16. Some argue that this doesn’t go far enough and the voting age should be 16. In this blog post I look at the pros and cons of lowering the voting age and suggest possible reasons why Theresa May, or other party leaders, might not have done this in the past. (more…)

A Readers Survey

Media, Murdoch and politics.

Back in 1998 I wrote my Masters thesis on the effect that Rupert Murdoch has played on both the British Media and British politics. Although his influence is far wider than these shores I only had about 20 thousand words so needed some way of limiting the amount of information and even then I feel that there just wasn’t enough space available to really cover in sufficient detail to really understand the depths to which this man’s influence has gone.