E2D Articles


These are the articles I have written  for the Egremont 2 Day, a local newspaper for the Egremont and Cleator Moor area of West Cumbria. All links will take you to the Egremont 2 Day website.


Computing Articles:

The majority of my articles, so far, have been under the theme of a Beginners Guide to Computing. The aim of these articles was, and still is, to offer advice and guidance for the less experienced computer user. As such some of the information offered may have been simplified in order to aid understanding. For info almost all of these have a bias towards the windows operating system. This is purely because my knowledge and experience of computer is mainly in using windows.

A parent’s guide to staying safe online: a brief guide for parents on keeping their children safe whether using a laptop or tablet computer.

Choosing a new computer: advice and guidance on what to look for  when choosing a new computer including making sure you don’t spend an unnecessary amount of money.

Uninstalling unwanted software: How to uninstall unwanted software from your new computer.

Free alternatives to Microsoft: here I talk about some of the free alternatives available for MS word, Excel etc.

Digital Photography Part 1: how to transfer photos from your camera to your computer

Digital Photography Part 2: an introduction to Picasa and using it for file management.

Digital Photography Part 3: using the picture editing functions of Picasa.

Upgrading to Windows 10: Advice on whether or not it is worth you upgrading to Windows 10.

Pokemon Go- advice for parents and children: Not so much a review of Pokemon Go but how to stay safe while out and about.

What do you mean you haven’t backed up your computer? : Exploring the different back up solutions available.

Backing up your computer using a USB Hard drive: tutorial on how to back up your files using a usb hard drive.

Choosing the right secondary School: advice on what to look for when choosing which secondary school to send your child to.