If you’re looking for some professional help in providing content for a website, business document or any other kind of writing then please get in touch.

I offer a range of services at various prices to suit your needs including:

Copy writing  – providing content for your website, blog, brochure, article etc. Although my specialism is education and technology I am willing to research, and write, about any subject.

Copy editing – editing the words you’ve written and checking that all the text is correct in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting and terminology.

Proofreading  the final check through before the copy gets sent to print.

Ghost Writing – got an idea for a story or book but not sure how to write it? Let me write it for you. I’ll do the hard work but it is your name that will appear on the cover.


  • Copywriting: £20 per hour
  • Copyediting: £15 per hour
  • Proofreading: £10 per hour
  • Ghost Writing: rate will vary depending on the service.

I’ve tried to offer a fair price for my services but am more than willing to negotiate, please get in touch to discuss.