Ruth Kelly

Passports- part 2

OK so I’ve  not had a response from my MP yet, but then I didn’t really expect to and it has been only a week! But at the very least it would have been courteous to send me a ‘one liner’ email saying they’ve at least recieved my message and will get back to me.

The next stage is to print my email and attach it to a letter of complaint which I’m going to hand deliver to her constituency office (which handily enough is on my way home from the train station, something I didn’t realise when I wrote the email.)

However I have managed to start a dialogue with the someone from the  ‘Correspondence team’ of the passport service. I guess that this is what use to be known as Customer Services but I suspect they can’t use that particular phrase as that implies they serve us rather than us be tied by their rules! (more…)


The pain of applying for a UK passport

Ok I understand the necessity of having a safe enough procedure in place for applying for a UK passport but does it have to be such a pain? In the UK there are 4 ways to get  a passport:

  1. fill in the application and just post it off, hoping it gets there and back again on time (takes approx 6 weeks)
  2. pay the post office to check your application and get it sent special delivery (suppose to take 2 weeks, not guaranteed)
  3. go to your local passport office (in my case in Liverpool, a completely different city from the one I live in) and pay them a lot more money for the fast track service (1 week supposedly guaranteed)
  4. go to your local passport office and pay even more money for a 24 hour service